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4 Ways To Keep Your Kids Flu-Free This Season

4 Ways To Keep Your Kids Flu-Free This Season

4 Ways To Keep Your Kids Flu-Free This Season

Preparing for seasonal change will lower the risks of getting infected or catching common viruses. Children are often more exposed to germs and viruses due to lower immunity, contact with air-borne or water-borne infections etc. Some common tips or simple home remedies can help your child stay healthy this flu season.

Hand wash

To protect children from contagious infections or common cold, it is essential to lower their contact rate. Encouraging children to wash their hands frequently with soap and water can reduce this risk.

Good food and good sleep

Fruits and vegetables provide essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and proteins. Sleep helps the body function at an optimum level while repairing cells from within. Ensure that your child gets eight to nine hours of sleep every night. By including 3 types of vegetables and 2 types of fruit in their diet everyday, your child will get all the essential nutrients to keep infections at bay.

Daily exercise

Children tend to stay indoors if the weather is not too friendly outside. Not having enough exposure with seasonal changes can also lower the immune system. Exercising outdoors with moderate protective gear will improve your child’s immune system. Being outdoors, in the fresh air can boost production of macrophages, the kind of white blood cells that “eat” the bad bacteria and viruses.

Good hydration

Many a times, children do not feel the need to drink water in a cooler season. However, it is important to stay hydrated even during rainy or winter season (at least 2 litres of water a day). Water must be boiled and cooled before consumption. Staying well hydrated keeps the tissues of respiratory system moist and helps the immune system work properly.

We at Open Minds pay great attention to the health and hygiene of our students. The School also takes many measures to keep our children safe, happy and protected. In this view, we would also like parents to share or follow tips that can help our children to enjoy this season with appropriate care. Hope this blog was helpful!

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