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Udhbhav Nersu - Our very own Roger Federer

The journey of a true sportsman is never an easy one. There are ups and downs. There are moments of extreme hard work and eventually, there are days of glory. A true sportsman stands genuine not just in the sport he excels in, but in academics too.

Udhbhav Nersu of Grade 9, is one such sportsman from Open Minds, who deserves a standing ovation for his excellence in studies and in Tennis. He has participated and won accolades in AITA Under 14, inclusive of Talent series 3 and 7 and Championship series 3 and 7, USTA Under 14 and Sports For All Championship and many more tournaments. He is ranked 3rd in Telangana state and 38th nationally by All India Tennis Association at the time of the publishing of this report. On the academic front, he excels predominantly in Science and his passion for learning concepts in Mathematics, Social Studies and English is matchless. Udhbhav Nersu, in the spirit of a true sportsman, is an All-rounder and Open Minds is proud to have him as our student.

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