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I am currently pursuing my degree in BA Filmmaking and Acting. My time at Open Minds had been indelible. I had actively been part of the STUCO for the two years being The Head Boy and The Cultural Captain during my time. Plays, different cultural performances, and celebrations of different school events were my favourite part as I loved to perform (I guess that justifies the degree that I am pursuing currently) and we had some of the best faculty that helped us put up an amazing Annual Concert. My time at Open Minds had been wonderful and I cherish every second of it. The classes were very interactive and there was enough importance given to co-curricular activities that helped us grow holistically.

Going down the memory Lane, Open Minds definitely falls on the brighter side of the spectrum and it helped me grow not just academically but helped me nurture my passion as well. I was fortunate enough to be a part of this wonderful Institute.

I would love to be associated with the school in future in whatever capacity that I can (possibly another MUN or help Cinema Passionate students find their right key) and if time permits, visit my lovely campus soon!

Aryan Sharma

Class of 2016


I joined Birla Open Minds in the inception year and second batch to pass out Grade 10 Board Examination in the year 2017-18. At present I am writing my Class 12 Board Exams and planning to pursue a career in Fashion Technology and Designing. I’m very grateful to Open Minds and all my teachers for nurturing me and making me a better individual.
My experience with this school is very special because it never felt like school and always our home. We were just 13 students in my and our Class Teacher was Mr. Arup Sinha. We used to talk about movies, personal experiences and many more which just acted like a magnetic force for all of us and made us feel like a family. My Telugu teacher, Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi ma’am was always like a guardian, who was always very patient with me and one of my favorite teachers in the school. We had light hearted life skills sessions with Padmaja ma’am which were fun, conceptual and mind opening. Swetha ma’am taught us Chemistry and was like a best friend to me who always supported me and made me love chemistry till date. The teachers I named are just a few but I’m grateful to all the teachers of Open Minds who have supported, motivated and acted like a special force in my school journey.
This journey is even more special because of my involvement in the school activities as I was part of the Student Council every year. Every year contesting in elections interacting with the school friends, taking charge of activities especially in MUN, doing the Monthly House Boards and participating in Inter House Competitions were extremely fun and developed sportsmanship spirit.

My experience with this school will always remain in my heart. I feel at this point of time all of us should be prepared to face the world with so many changes around. Let us just pray for the world to be a happy place for all of us.

Aadhya Reddy

Class of 2017-18

Mr. Aryan Lalani

I am currently pursuing Psychology at York University, Toronto. My journey at Birla Open Minds International school has been nothing but memorable. I have created so many memories that I would cherish when I look back. Starting with the intramural tournaments, I loved the opportunity of representing my House in various sports. BOMIS never failed in providing me or my peers with a new opportunity frequently to try and showcase our soft skills and build a fine behaviour.

In my final year at BOMIS I was elected as the House Captain of Ambition House and I was thoroughly supported by my Housemaster and my subject teachers in balancing my studies with my leadership responsibilities. My teachers always motivated me to do better. I would always be grateful to my teachers for the engaging time spent in the classroom. For me, BOMIS would always be close to my heart and I wish my school a grand success in cultivating great minds in the years to come.

Aryan Lalani

Class of 2017-18

Mr. Guneet Reddy

My School is the best school I could have ever asked for. I joined the School in Grade 6 and a little shy but it took me no time to adapt to the school environment and always felt welcomed. The memories and bonds to cherish for a lifetime – the caring teachers, learning experience in different workshops, activities and events.

I am passionate about Sports and held the responsibility of the being the Sports Captain. The joy of winning at Interschool and Interhouse Sports Events and the pride in representing the School made me feel privileged at all times.

It is an honour to be a student of Open Minds for the love, care and happiness all around that I have enjoyed with the perfect mentoring of my Teachers. I miss my school days but feel blessed to be a part of the Open Minds family. I look forward to contribute in this Temple of Knowledge.

Guneet Reddy

Class of 2017-18

Ms. Kriti Dodla

I witnessed the school in it’s pristine state, a brand new School, and it hardly took me any time to call it my second home. Every day was an experience and every experience were a lesson learnt right.

My journey here began in 2013. For a 6th grader who was completely uncertain about herself, the teachers and classmates became family in no time. They supported me and motivated me to be the best version of myself.

I was involved in the Student Council throughout my years of schooling at Open Minds; started off as the Cultural Prefect, then the Assistant Dean for 3 consecutive years and finally the Discipline Captain. We were encouraged to take part in all the school events, Interhouse and Interschool. I could bag a few medals during Muddy Soles (An Inter School Sports Event hosted by Open Minds then) and helped organize the JMUN as the President.

I’m so glad that I got to be an OMite because this school is one of a kind. The amazing thing about Open Minds is that every student is given individual attention and equal opportunity is bestowed on all students.

After completing the Grade 10 Board Examination, I walked out as a confident and fearless person. I met some amazing people making wonderful memories. As a part of the Open Minds family, I would love to contribute to the school in any way possible, now and for the years to come.

Krithi Dodla

Class of 2017-18

Pavitra Priyadarshini

No matter where you are after passing out from the school, you are always connected with the school and teachers for any guidance that you need in your life.

Birla Open Minds International School is a great school; Our teachers make you believe that you have the ability to achieve your dreams with their relentless support and guidance.
The comfort of having teachers patting your back will always make you work hard and do innovative things in achieving your dreams.

The enrichment activities and field trips were fun and educative to have in depth conceptual understanding with the personal touch by the respective teachers.

Every child in India gets an opportunity to study and choose the right path in their career. Every student should have vision of being ready to the compete in the global market and face new challenges in life with focussed efforts and resilience. “In life, nothing is impossible to achieve when you have enthusiasm, optimism, confidence, and commitment.”

Pavitra Priyadarshini

Class of 2018

Ria Agarwal

Going back to beautiful three years of memory lane, that the school had given many opportunities were truly THE BEST; one of them was that I was chosen as the Discipline Captain. I learnt to overcome the fear of public speaking and this was truly a lifetime experience for me to sharpen my soft skills. Being chosen as a BEST DELEGATE in MUN, uplifted my confidence level.

I miss each day spent wonderfully at Open Minds – learning and fun, enjoying independence but being responsible, ownership of taking charge to lead was a great experience. My message to dear omites "Enjoy your school days and put your 100% to achieve higher goal of your life."

Ria Agarwal

Class of 2018


At Open Minds, students are encouraged to expand their horizons and broaden their knowledge beyond their studies. The friendly attitude of the teachers and their willingness to always offer a helping hand has always made me feel a part of the BOMIS family. We got different opportunities to hone our skills and talents.

I was involved in many activities and competitions like Gopi Birla MUN a National Level Representation and I won the Jury Award. I also participated in prestigious competitions like IIMUN, TYE B-Plan Pitch Fest 2019 where I won runner up prize for my business idea. I got the opportunity to do a summer internship job at Value Momentum and was the host in Global Azure Bootcamp 2019 by Microsoft.

My experience at BOMIS has been splendid. I absolutely loved going to school due to its great environment - the world class infrastructure, friendly learning environment and the warmth of the caring teachers.

Ashish Sodadasi

Class of 2019

Anshika Aggarwal

It is often said that school life is the best life, and that we will never find anything like it again. This accurately describes my experience at Birla Open Minds International School, as a student of 2019-20 Batch.
My years in Birla Open Minds have been the most memorable years of my life. There was much more to experience than just academics; the Student Council, MUNs, and Interschool Events, to name a few. I was lucky enough to join the Student Council for three tenures, each time a different experience, and helped me to develop better leadership skills.
The role of the teachers should not be belittled; our teachers brought to life every chapter I ever studied, but they didn’t stop there. They guided me and taught me skills, independence, life skills, and gave me a chance to discover myself. These teachers are not just the ones who taught me in class, but also the ones whose class I never had. Raju Sir, who brought light and humour into everything we did; our Headmistress, who showed us that you can be disciplined and have fun; my House masters, who taught me the value of teamwork; Barnali ma’am, who proved that first impressions are often wrong.
Before I joined Open Minds, I was a shadow of myself. During my days in Open Minds, I have learned so much, inside and out of the classroom, and made bonds that will last for a lifetime. I have made friends and gained experiences that not only made me wiser, but never fail to bring a smile to my face. Thanks to my school, I have become a person I could truly be proud of.
< This school will always remain in my heart as my second home, and I hope to return here one day and give back to this wonderful community.

Anshika Aggarwal

Class of 2019

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"I think the success of any school can be measured by the contribution the alumni make to our national life"- John F. Kennedy There are countless memories and happy moments of school days – be it your success stories, the fun with friends or the love and affection of your teachers; staying in touch with the alma mater is a unique goodness feeling as you always feel proud of the education that you have received in your school. Birla Open Minds International School always wish to be a part of your onward life to celebrate your success stories. I take the privilege of heartily welcoming Birla Open Minds Alumni to stay connected with us.

Syamali Chowdhury

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