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Aurora-Rise of New Dawn

Aurora-Rise of New Dawn

Learning by doing is the best way to learn anything for life. We believe in giving a real time experience for our students in all their learning initiatives. Aurora is a culmination of social concepts taught in the school across grades 4-10. As a part of this initiative, we host Model United Nations, Mock Parliament and a play depicting the saga of human society transformation. We strive to cultivate the habit of learning and understanding of issues through research , synergize their understanding and put forward their points in a debate with an encouraging and empowering language leading to a win-win situation.

Why Aurora?

Aurora is the name of the Roman goddess-symbolizing the rise of New Beginning. We at Birla Open Minds International School believe in empowering our students with knowledge and wisdom of the New Era. We wish to be a flagship/pioneer in creating better human beings of the 21st century. In short we believe in Live and Let Live policy.


Material is sourced from IIMUN

Aurora Day-1 Report

As the Aurora fever has gripped the campus, the symptoms of this exciting filler-week was sensed and observed on the 11th of September where the planned sessions include carefully conceptualized, comprehensive and critical discussions on local and world crisis in Birla Open Minds-MUN and Birla Open Minds-Lok Sabha... Know More

Aurora Day-2 Report

An energetic and impressive Aurora Mega Fest - 2018 started in our school by creating a SEVEN HABBIT TREE in each of our classrooms. The students actively participated and prepared the tree in the Morning period. The tree is like an angel, who follows and guides the students to be an optimistic and propagates new culture in the school campus, to bring out the Leaders in Them... Know More

Aurora Day-3 Report

Great Personalities set goals to achieve great things and we are not the exception that proves the rule. Motivating ourselves to achieve tough goals, quite unsurprisingly, is tough. And yet, when it comes to learning how to set goals, the above approach encapsulates everything we shouldn't do... Know More

Aurora & SLC Culmination Report

Aurora has had a huge impact on the young minds. It has highlighted our commitment to the Birla Open Minds and to the society. We wish the student community to stay, grow and develop with us. Aurora has helped our participants to maximize their talents and develop leadership skills and acumen... Know More

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