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Admission criteria for the best schools in Hyderabad

best schools in Hyderabad

If you're looking for top schools in Hyderabad and their admission criteria then it is worth doing some research. Top schools in Hyderabad are always looking for students who can accomplish and fare well in scholastic and co-scholastic activities. There are many good schools near Gachibowli and the best schools near Hi-tech city include Open Minds, CHIREC, DPS, Oakridge – just to name a few. Students who show promise of succeeding in the future have better prospects to clearing the eligibility criteria and cutoffs. At the same time parents must also consider the following criteria for admitting their wards in the top schools in Hyderabad, such as academic reputation, faculty competence, life skills focus, parent community, infrastructure etc.

This article is a guide to parents in understanding some of the nuances of the admission procedure. However, application dates, deadlines, admission process may differ from school to school. It's important that parents spend enough time researching schools in Hyderabad before reaching any decision.

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