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DIY Projects for Kids to Pass Time This Summer

Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions
Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions
Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions

DIY Projects for Kids to Pass Time This Summer


That certainly is the most dreaded statement from kids! Summer vacation translates to loads of activity, outdoor play, camping, hiking but what happens when the summer heat or an expected rain shower keeps kids from getting outside? How do you keep your kids away from the idiot box or other technological gadgets?

Summer crafts can work the magic! Involving your children in DIY projects helps them get entertained, offers enjoyment and comes with the dividend of learning the fun way.

We provide you with selected projects that your kids will undoubtedly adore. In fact, you may just find yourself loving it too!

Rock Craft

This is a perfect amalgamation of creativity and adventure. We all paint on paper. How about experimenting with rocks?

Allow children to go out and gather some small sized rocks. Let their creativity give rise to little rock critters by painting them with beautiful colours. You could help kids display their work by putting all the rocks in a jar or designing an artwork that can be hung on the walls.

Lego Key Holder

This is a fantastic way to turn a game into a productive activity. All you require is old Lego!

Let children create a character of their choice to augment the key holder. Now attach a key ring to a Lego that has a hole. In case, you can’t locate a piece like this; drill a tiny hole in the regular Lego. Parental assistance will be required to drill the hole.

The artefact can be utilized by the children to hang their bicycle keys or present it to their grandparents as a token of love.

Capture the Handprints

Imagine having a stone in your garden that has captured your little one’s childhood forever. You will definitely want to be a part of this heart-warming project. Kids, of course, will enjoy getting all dirty with concrete!

You will require a flat slab, concrete, and a stick or pencil. Have your children imprint their hands, feet or both. Let them write their name, date of birth, and decorate the stone as they desire. Remember to do it all before the concrete dries!

Don’t worry about the mess. The concrete can be easily washed off. However, the memories will stay alive for a lifetime.

Terrarium with a Difference

Gardening isn’t something all boys enjoy. But with their superhero as part of the action, you are bound to catch their attention.

You need a vase, a small superhero or doll figure, sand, and a succulent. Give a free hand to the kids to beautify the superhero terrarium in a chic manner.

Bird Feeder

This DIY project will keep your child in tune with nature all through the summer. Instead of throwing the empty milk cartons; clean and use them to craft a unique bird feeder. Even a toddler can be involved in this project.

Motivate the kids to embellish the feeder in an artistic way. Once its ready, put some bird seeds inside, hang it in an appropriate place, and watch the birds enjoy their feed. This activity will surely leave the kids with an enormous sense of accomplishment and well being.

Wind Chimes

No matter what the age, the sound of wind chimes is enthralling indeed! These DIY wind chimes require a small terra cotta planter, cord for hanging the chime, glue stick, paint, bells, buttons, beads, and any other supplies you desire towards decorations.

Observe the creativity surge. Watch your kids make superb wind chimes that everyone will love to hear when the wind permits!

Bubble Prints

All children fancy blowing bubbles. The pleasure can be steered towards a worthwhile project!

Make some bubble mixture with dishwashing liquid, water, and tempera paint. Pour the liquid into disposable cups. With the help of a straw, the kids can blow the bubbles onto a paper or cardstock. You will be amazed to see the awesome pictures created by the pops!


You can turn boredom into fun and productive family time with these incredible ideas. The commitment required from you is minimal but we promise the gratification will be infinite!

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