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Which board or syllabus do we follow at open minds school?

The Primary and Middle school curriculum transitions and merges seamlessly with the CBSE/IB/IGCSE boards. Till grade 8, the school offers a unique Birla Curriculum and grade 9 onwards the curriculum is designed keeping in mind the culminating Board examination.

What are the timings of the school?

School Timings are from 8.25 am to 3.25 pm.

What is the teacher – student ratio?

For Primary School -- Grade 1-4 -- 1:12.
For Middle & High school -- Grade 5-10 -- 1:27.

What is the frequency of parent and teachers meeting?

The parents meet the teachers atleast twice in each term. Apart form the regular PTMs, there are different academic events that the parents meet the teachers in.

What arrangement does open minds has for transport? Do we have a door pick up facility for the children?

The bus facility is provided to the nearest point. Unless the point is in interior lanes, it is usually closer to home.

Does open minds have a canteen facility?

At Open Minds School, we provide nutritious & delicious breakfast & lunch to children & staff.

Does open minds provide any scholarships for meritorious students?

Yes, we do provide scholarships for meritorious students.

What kind of extracurricular activities does open minds encourage among the children?

Open Minds School curriculum provides outdoor & indoor Sports facilities along with Music, dance & theatre.

What special provisions, if any, does open minds have for weak children/slow learners?

For weak children/slow children, one to one help is given by Resource teachers.

What kind of emergency medical facilities does open minds have on campus?

Open Minds School has trained in-house Nurse & tie up with nearby Hospital for any medical emergency.

What kind of arrangements does open minds have for purchasing books and uniforms?

Text Books, Birla Course Books, Note Books are provided from the Schools. For Uniforms, 3rd party tie up is there.

Does open minds follow any specific philosophy different from other regular schools?

We follow a complete child centric approach. Learning happens all around the open campus that we have. There is a seamless integration of scholastics and co-scholastics. Each subject is celebrated in the culmination activities. One-one approach towards each child is our USP.

What are the teaching methodologies adopted at open minds?

The students are taught by navigating them from known to unknown concepts. Each child gets a complete hands-on understanding of the learning. Either the students are taken to the real time environment where they can understand the practical application of their learning or the experts from the field are brought in to interact with the students.

What’s the profile of the teaching staff at open minds?

All our teachers are conceptually strong and well experienced. We believe in a mentoring approach where our teachers are facilitators. They are trained in handling the students to steer them towards analyzing and reasoning fulfilling their inquisitive minds.

When does your academic year begin and end? Do you have any mid-year admissions?

Our academic session for Middle and Secondary Years begins in the month of April with a break in May for Summer. The Primary years session begins in the month of June.

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