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Gearing Up For Summer – The Dos and Don’ts

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Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions
Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions
Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions
Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions

Gearing Up For Summer – The Dos and Don’ts

The summers usher a season of bright sunshine, some of the most luscious fruits and a time loaded with outdoor activities. But the surge in the mercury level or a sudden downpour tends to spur viral and bacterial infections. This particularly takes a toll on the health of kids. No wonder one comes across every other child down with cold, cough, sore throat, upset stomach, and fever.

Gradually as the days get hotter and more uncomfortable, you may require tweaking your child’s daily routine to enjoy a healthier summer.

Have a look at these pointers.

Avoid Street Food

Summer brings along high risk of food poisoning and related food-borne illnesses. To keep children safe, avoid street food. Rely on home cooked, fresh and healthy meals.

Yes! It may sound boring to kids but you can handle that with some novel enticing recipes.

Go Natural

It would be prudent to go natural to keep viral infections at bay. Fortify immunity by offering health- boosting foods like banana, chicken soup, fruit juices with vitamin C, milk with turmeric, and fresh fruit chaat.

Say a big NO to junk food. Instead, opt for a healthier menu. It’s time to say hello to salads! Try fruits and vegetables that replenish the body with high water content such as radish, cauliflower, watermelon, and pineapple. This helps keep the body well hydrated and energetic.

Consume Sufficient Water

The golden rule to keep fit and healthy during the summers is to drink ample amount of water. Give children a bottle of water, wherever they go. This will keep them hydrated and free from water-borne diseases.

Say No to Sugary Sodas

When out in the sizzling heat, resist the temptation to buy that bottle of soda drink. Go for water instead. Explain to the kids that such drinks will only increase their craving and not really quench their thirst. If you are really looking out for variety, a fresh fruit juice would be a healthier choice.

Shower Twice a Day

Inculcate the habit of taking a shower twice a day. After a sweaty outdoor recreation, the only thing that can offer freshness to the kids is a cool shower. It keeps the body temperature low, provides freshness to the skin and guards the body against diseases.

Use Sunscreen

Safeguard your kids from the detrimental UV radiation by applying sunscreen whenever they are heading out. Ensure the sunscreen is applied on all exposed parts of the body and not just the face.

Choose Clothes Wisely

Choose light clothes, both in terms of shades and fabrics. Say a goodbye to leather, satin, and similar fabrics. Dress children in lighter shades and preferably cotton to offer ease and comfort.

Avoid Leftovers

During summers, eating stale food can result in food poisoning. Food tends to get spoilt much faster in this weather. Once the meal is finished, store leftovers immediately in the refrigerator in airtight containers. However, remember not to serve very old food.

Avoid Afternoon Hours

It may be an arduous task to keep children indoors. But avoid the peak afternoon hours to step outside. Find innovative ways to keep children occupied indoors. Involve them in crafts and board games to overcome the lure of stepping out.

Inculcate Basic Hygiene

Instruct kids to follow basic hygiene norms such as covering the mouth while coughing or sneezing, washing hands regularly especially before and after meals.

Invest in a good hand sanitizer. Also get the house disinfected by adding a cap of disinfectant while mopping the floor or cleaning dining tables.

Protect Against Mosquitoes and Bugs

The sweltering heat and sudden downpours in conjugation fuel the growth of mosquitoes and bugs. Keep children well protected by applying mosquito repellent creams and ensure your surroundings are clean.

Final Word

Weather changes are beyond human control. Gaining knowledge and adhering to health safety norms is the accurate way to face the climatic alterations.

Follow these simple tips and shield your child against weather challenges.

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