Green Initiatives

Drinking Water Plant

We have an in house water treatment plant which uses the Reverse Osmosis technique. The water filters are arranged at every floor for easy access to our students and staff.

Organic Gardening

At Birla Open Minds watching plants grow is a fun and educational experience for children. Their enormous curiosity and excitement for anything is endless. Growing plants teaches children how nature works; they feel responsible for caring and watering them regularly.

The students of Pre-Primary and Primary do planting activities. Sowing different seeds of green leafy vegetable and watering it regularly has been the part of their educational journey. Students visit their vegetable patches to observe the growth of the plants and take the harvest home to share their joy with the parents.

Solar Energy

Generating sustainable energy is the way to go forward. We have installed solar panels which create electricity upto 90Kva. Our students are aware of these panels and understand how we work towards sustainable designs.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Treating Sewage water to use it for gardening is one of the techniques for optimum usage of water. We have a sewage treatment plant that can filter upto 65KLD of water.

Rain Water Harvesting

Rain water harvesting is a technique of collection and storage of rainwater into internal tanks, to filter it back for usage. We have a 1Lakh capacity tank for this and have been using it to do our bit in conserving water.

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