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How can your child learn better?

How can your child learn better

How can your child learn better?

Discovering your child’s learning style can make their educational experience more fun and enlightening. Education is something where one size does not fit all; it has to be tailored to each and every child’s need. Don’t worry if your child has challenging areas like learning spellings or counting numbers. Children have different ways of perceiving, processing and learning. Experts have identified learning styles that consist of — Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetics. Once you identify what kind of a learner your child is, you can help them receive a sound educational experience. Usually children tend to show promise in all three styles.

Kinesthetics learners are more inclined towards physical learning.They associate and remember things with places or things or through touch. Unlike sitting at the desk all day, they are more interested in physical activities like swimming, running, football, basketball utilizing their physical attributes. Even while adding and counting they will use their fingers to do the math.

Auditory learners are easily drawn to sound. They have an aptitude for music, and display strong verbal ability especially while using phrases that they are familiar with. They have an ability to identify sounds that others might not recognize. They can memorize things easily which are rhythmic; for example — rhymes.

Visual learners are more keen and observant of the world around them. They are more drawn to arts such as painting, illustrations and pictures in books or newspapers. They are good at observing details and tend to notice things that are out of the place. They excel in skills of memorizing names, people and places. They also have a great sense of direction and are good with maps - enhancing their spatial abilities.

These learning modalities are sensory channels though which an individual receives, gives and pools information. With the help of this article you will notice a particular pattern or learning style in your child and now you can inculcate and tailor their learning accordingly.

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