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The pressure during exams – How to strike a balance

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Nipah Virus – Symptoms and Precautions
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The pressure during exams – How to strike a balance

It starts from mid-January - The environment at school and home suddenly gets serious. Each passing day reminds children that exams are inching closer. We have preparatory exams, revision sessions, et cetera, and everything fun takes a backseat.

In the midst of our hopes and expectations of our kids, we forget that the pressure often gets to them negatively. How often have we seen kids fall ill during exam time? One might say that it is exam stress that motivates kids into concentrating and studying hard. That’s true, but there’s a point when the stress gets too much.

How do we strike a balance? How do we ensure that our kids are not impacted so much that they start fearing exams? We’ve compiled a few tips to help you:

Help them plan a routine

Being organized helps reduce a lot of stress while optimizing their schedule at the same time.

Most kids think there’s too much to study because the syllabus is all over the place and they do not know where to start. A schedule or a routine for all the preparatory days will help them massively.

Sit with your child while preparing the routine. Mix it up with easy subjects and hard subjects so that he/she is not overwhelmed. Also, add breaks in the schedule itself. It is very important that kids get time off now and then. Short, ten-minute-breaks at regular intervals can help them refresh.

Ensure that your child sleeps well

Out of anxiety, many kids end up spending their nights studying or worrying. As a parent, it is up to you to ensure that stress does not come in the way of sleep.

The brain needs to rest to perform optimally the next day. Do not plan anything close to bedtime and remove all gadgets from your child’s room. Waking up an hour early to revise is a good idea but studying through the night must strictly be discouraged.

Give them healthy food to snack on

Eating nuts and fruits while studying helps curb hunger pangs and keep the body energized. Also, ensure that your child always has a bottle of water within reach. With summer and exam stress, staying hydrated is essential.

Talk to your child

Spend some time talking to your child about how he/she is feeling. Talk about any difficulties, hindrances, or problems he/she may be facing so that you help solve them.

Let your child know that you understand that exams are stressful and that you are always there for them. At no point must they fear that your love for them may reduce if they don’t live up to expectations. They need your emotional support and empathy. 

Maintain a peaceful environment at home

If the environment is strained, your child will be strained too. It is, thus, important that you make the atmosphere peaceful and positive by avoiding arguments and always managing situation optimistically.

Examination time does not have to raise alarms for you and your child. There are ways to sit through exams calmly and do them well. All the best to you and your children!

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