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Literary Festival 2017-18

Literary Festival 2017-18

Literary Festival 2017-18

Literary fest, at Open Minds is an event that celebrates the magic that exist in words in the form of Literature, Grammar and varied competitive applications like recitals, monologues, skits, debates etc. It's a fest that engages the student to come to the forefront and lead as individuals and as a team and set an exemplary example of the learnings that happen at Open Minds.

The two-day fest saw participations from Grade 1 to 10 with students putting up stalls for English, Telugu, Hindi, Spanish and French languages. Students and teachers from all faculties came together with games, puzzles, exercises, and acts whose sole purpose was to enable the kids to fearlessly out-perform in front of a huge crowd. The campus saw varied venues highlighting different categories of acts and show timings to ensure that every individual gets to enjoy, relish, and indulge in every activity that the fest had to offer.

The main attraction of the fest was the inauguration of our very own state-of-the-art digital library. We invited parents to play games and be the first witness of the unique learning experience that the library has to offer with books ranging from Challenger series, Raman Books to have an enhanced understanding of spellings, Kuni books to help read and comprehend fast, animated books to have a visually enriching experience of reading and appreciating the writer's imagination.

Additional attractions of the fest included a unique midget act performed by students from the primary section, songs and similar recitals in Hindi, Telugu, French and Spanish, skits in Telugu and Hindi and debate between parents and students.

Literary fest at Open Minds is a testimony to our love for words and languages. With the advancements in technology and science, it is indeed a wonderful time to be alive because words now serve more purpose than ever before. The world is weaved in words and we are coming closer and are connected with each other. We are on our way to become one ginormous entity with an enigmatic attitude and an OPEN MIND.

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