Beyond Classrooms


Visual Arts

Visual Arts is made mandatory until grade 7, to make sure the children learn creativity and gain important skills from art education like observation, self-expression, focus, discipline, perseverance and collaboration.
We have age appropriate activities which are integrated with the curriculum to broaden the students’ thought process and creativity.

We believe in holistic development and freedom of expression. To enable our students to be good orators and creative in the field of their choice, we make it mandatory for the primary years to have the exposure the different forms of performing arts like dance, theatre and music where they learn the basics. When they come to the middle and higher grades they are given a choice to explore the skills further, in the area of their choice.

Each art form helps the child to open up and gain stage confidence, to be able to speak out without any inhibitions and also participate in cultural activities boldly. This also promotes the Multiple Intelligence and opens up doors to their future prospects and probabilities.

Performing Arts

  • Dance
  • Dance is an expression of the free soul. We encourage dance forms so that children can learn the coordination of body movement and the rhythm. Our dance facility is a place where they express their free sprit.

  • Theater
  • Theater is the expression to voice any opinion or to encourage story telling. Our in-house theater experts train our students in speech and diction, expression and presence, thoughts and clarity.

  • Music
  • Music is the expression of deep emotions. Our students are trained in western vocals and Indian music. The school choir functions as the base group for a lot of in house events.


Physical Education

Professional Training

The importance of sports and games in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. Sports increase self-confidence and mental alertness. This makes school sports and games necessary for every school-age child.

We are associated with Trugame, a grassroots level sports development organization for professional sports training after school sports program. The program, for grades 5 and above gives young students the opportunity to learn and build the skills of their favorite game after school hours. The available programs are Basketball, Cricket, Tennis, Football, Table Tennis and Taekwondo. It is a 90-minute session conducted over a period of 5 months that enables young athletes to set the foundations in their respective sports along with improving fitness levels.

With access to tournaments and leagues, international academies and coaches, strength and conditioning programs and sport travel programs.

  • Teams
  • Individual

Inter-School Competitions


Birla Open Minds has introduced various clubs to hone the skills in the areas that interest the students with passion to acquire a skill. Students from grades 5 to 12 are provided with the necessary resources by the school to guide them to independently conduct themselves in their respective clubs.

The clubs are culminated towards the end of the academic year where we organize a Fund Raising event. The proceedings from this event are donated for a social cause, teaching them community service.

In the previous year, the school has donated Braille paper for the Devnar School of Blind.

Our Clubs

  • Master Chefs – Cuisine
  • The World of Words – Literary
  • Artisans – Arts, Crafts, Sewing and Stitching
  • Cyberites – Computer Science
  • Math-A-Ron – Mathematics
  • Inheritors – Citizenship
  • Theatre- Drama
  • Melody – Music
  • Eco-warriors – Ecology
  • Rotary Club – Social

Field Trips

We plan age appropriate trips which enhances the learning of our students. The trips are according to the curriculum requirement, where learning happens through fun. Few such field trips are: Zoo, Planetarium, Farms, museums, and Workshops which take the students close to nature and learn to respect and take care of it.


Our senior students are encouraged to work in a real time environment for a few weeks, for them to understand how an industry works. They are guided by a professional under the observation of the teachers, to get a first hand experience of what happens out in the real world. This would give them a perspective of what to expect when they step out to work. This experience gives them the confidence and an understanding of the application of all the learning that happens in the school.

Spark Speak

We at Birla Open Minds believe in giving an opportunity to our students to understand and work towards bridging the gap between academics and real life careers.
We bring industry experts and experienced professionals to give our students a glimpse of their experiences.

Inter House Competitions

To foster healthy competition among the students and encourage them to be an active member of the respective Houses, different Inter House Competitions are conducted to boost the holistic development of the students.
The students demonstrate great team spirit by putting in their best efforts for contributing to the House score.

Social Responsibility

Birla Open Minds International School has been very idealistic by nature as our vision and mission is to empower our student and teacher community to work towards making a world they would like to be in. Our motto is to make our community, where responsible citizens take care of themselves, others and then the environment. We inculcate the feeling of togetherness and service from the younger ages for the children to understand the value of giving and sharing.

In the past few years, we have taken up the project to help during disasters like floods across the country like Kerala, Andhra and Telangana and are geared up to take it further if needed.

We have also been part of projects like fistful of grains, Soles for Souls, where the students have been encouraged to give generously to help the needy.

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