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STUCO Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and their responsibilities are as follows:


  • Observe the school rules at all times.
  • Be dressed appropriately at all times.
  • Maintain an excellent attendance record.
  • Be punctual for your duties.
  • Maintain a perfect behavioral record.
  • Be positive and enthusiastic.
  • Be able to encourage and motivate fellow students.
  • Be cooperative, helpful, well-mannered, trustworthy, and responsible.
  • Be respectful toward teachers, your peers, and the school environment.
  • Display leadership qualities: confidence, initiative, problem-solving skills.
  • Be willing to take on extra responsibility.
  • Be able to work independently and complete tasks without supervision.
  • Maintain a good academic record.
  • Be a good ambassador for the school.


  • Dean is the face of Open Minds in all the events held at and by the school.
  • Dean is required to address the assembly in all the events.
  • A Dean leads the prefects. It is the duty of the Dean to ensure that the prefects are performing their duties well and take their suggestions and grievances.
  • A Dean listens and takes down suggestions from the school's Student Council on the ways to improve the student experience at school. These can be related to discipline, academics or events.
  • The Dean reports to the Principal.

Vice Dean:

  • Vice Dean is the supportive counterpart of the Dean
  • He/She needs to take constant update from the Dean and needs to be present in every meeting that invites the Dean.
  • The Vice Dean is the second-in-hand and co-decision maker along with the Dean on matters concerning the betterment of the school.
  • The Dean and the Vice Dean keep a vigil on how other prefects and students are in and out of the school. They ensure that grave concerns are attended to by reporting it to the principal.

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Discipline Captain and Discipline Vice Captain

  • The primary responsibility of the Discipline Captain and Vice Captain is to maintain Discipline at all times in the school premises and in the school bus.
  • They are required to maintain a log of the defaulters.
  • They are in-charge of checking the uniform, id cards, nails, etc.
  • They need to ensure that students maintain a proper line when they walk as a class in the school premises.
  • They need to ensure that every student at the premises communicates in English.
  • They need to ensure discipline during breakfast and Lunch hours.
  • They report to the Principal directly.

Cultural Captain and Vice Captain

  • The Cultural Captain and Vice Captain's job entails the propagation of cultural events including and not limited to festivities in a non-biased and inoffensive fashion.
  • They required to have the passion for cultural arts like dance and music.
  • They need to conduct ice-breaking sessions to elevate the general mood during class events.
  • They are required to assist with School board decorations with ideas that reflect our values and traditions.
  • They will be spearheading every event that the school hosts.
  • They report directly to the Principal.

Literary Captain and Vice Captain

  • The job entitles spreading the passion for reading and adapting new thought processes to help discover a better version of the self in every student.
  • They are required to have a passion for reading good books.
  • They will be required to ensure that students are provided the books they wish to read by the school.
  • They will have to come with a monthly write-up on the best reads in the world.
  • They will be the core team to work on Echoes, the monthly school magazine.
  • As part of the team with Echoes, they are required to collect write-ups, outstanding assignments, and projects etc. from the students and proofread the same before submitting it for Echoes. This work needs to be finished by the 25th of each month.
  • They report directly to the Principal.

Community Service Captain and Vice Captain

  • The primary responsibility of the Community Service Captain and Vice Captain is to promote community-based initiatives by the School.
  • They need to assist in preparation of Slogans and Posters.
  • They need to inspire empathy in the students by creating banners on community projects and holding meetings during the time allotted by the School.
  • They need to be good counselors and must keep an eye out for the bullies and the bullied.
  • They need to report directly to the Principal.

Sports Captain and Vice Captain

  • The primary responsibility of a Sports Captain and the Vice Captain is to ensure that all Sports related requirements are met and utilized wisely by the students.
  • They need to ensure that discipline is maintained during sports event and team spirits are kept sky high.
  • They will represent the school in every inter-school sports events.
  • They are required to lead the students during exercise and Yoga classes.
  • They are required to spread awareness on Healthy habits to the students.
  • They report directly to the principal.

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House Captains and Vice Captains

  • They will lead their respective houses.
  • They need to be fluent speakers to motivate their house students to outperform during IHCs.
  • They need to ensure that their House students communicate in English and follow all discipline norms set by the school.
  • They are required to assist the House Masters during Board Decoration and House meetings.
  • They need to be such true leaders that their house students can look up to during difficulties.
  • They report to their respective house masters.

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