School Committees

Student Committee

The Student Leadership Body is elected every year by the students through an elaborate electoral system. The senior students who nominate themselves for the various posts in the STUCO have to go through a rigorous selection process before campaigning with full conviction to strengthen their candidature .There is an Election Day when all the students and staff follow the regular ballot election procedure to elect their student committee.

The STUCO once formed are responsible for the upkeep of the students , the school and are totally involved in all school activities.

Student Leaders for 2019-20

Position Student Name Grade
Head BoyPradyumn Soni 11
Head GirlAyushi Gautam 11
Sports Captain Lakshya Bindal 10
Sports Vice Captain Thikkaluri Sai Sanjeev 10
House Legacy Ambition Spirit Discovery
Captain Anshika Agarwal Harshil Goel Aryan Kadari Shyamanth Krishna Kodukula
Vice Captain Tanvi Rao Ponugoti Sujay Indupuru Ameya Shukla Tanuja Attaluri
Position Student Name Grade
PrefectDevi reddy Venya Reddy 8
PrefectRishika Reddy Gade 8
PrefectLavanya Sobti 8
Prefect Janani Narayanan 7
PrefectAlekha Settipalli 7
Prefect Hrithvik Reddy Pullagurla 7
PrefectK.Vikyath Reddy 7
Prefect Pracheth Gullapalli 7
Prefect Rishit Sood 7
Prefect Siddharth Gumma 7

School Parent Involvement Committee

Birla Open Minds School Parent Involvement Committee is comprised of strong and very involved parent representatives of the school. Every grade is represented by one parent who is selected to be a part of the committee with parents, teachers and management representatives as the stakeholders. This committee meets quarterly through the year to discuss all the matters pertaining to the growth and well being of the school and students

The OM-SPIC members also channelize the involvement of parents in different school activities like field trips, sports meets, celebrations and so on. The OM-SPIC and school share a wonderful rapport and work together for the growth and success of the school.

School Parent Involvement Committee Academic Year 2019-20

Name Of The Member Representing
Ms. Syamali ChowdhuryChairperson
Ms. Pratima Sinha CEO, Management Representative of DSR Group
Mr. Arup SinhaSPIC Secretary
Ms. Sukriti Sharma SPIC Coordinator
Ms. Kausar LadiwalaPrimary Headmistress
Ms. Anitha KamalSecondary Headmistress
Mr. Suraj AcharyaCAIE Coordinator
Ms. Kranti PotluriParent Representative – K1
Ms. Smriti Mahindra Parent Representative – K2
Ms. Rachna Vyas JoshiParent Representative – Grade-1
Ms. Suraiya Ali NaqviParent Representative – Grade-2
Ms. Chetana BhattacharyaParent Representative – Grade-3
Ms. Anubhuti BhallaParent Representative – Grade-4
Mr. Gopalakrishna NParent Representative – CBSE Grade-5
Ms. Vyawastha Misra Parent Representative – CAIE Grade-5
Mr. M Vishnu KiranParent Representative – CBSE Grade-6
Ms. Anuradha GandraParent Representative – CAIE Grade-6
Ms. BhuvaneshwariParent Representative – CBSE Grade-7
Ms. Lavanya PaduriParent Representative – CAIE Grade-7
Mr. Mahesh Narain ShuklaParent Representative – CBSE Grade-8
Ms. Ruby TabassumParent Representative – CBSE Grade-9
Mr. Sunil AgrawalParent Representative - CBSE Grade-10
Mr. Arun Kumar ShankerParent Representative - CBSE Grade 11

School Management Committee

Birla Open Minds School Management Committee is the back-bone of the school. It consists of Management representatives, Teacher representatives, Parent representatives and Heads of two neighbouring schools.

School Managing Committee Academic Year 2019-20

Name of the Member Designation
Ms. Sharmila ReddyPresident and Correspondent
Ms. Pratima Sinha CEO-DSR Educational Society Representative from Management
Ms. Syamali ChowdhuryPrincipal and Member Secretary
Mr. C. Ravi PrasadPrincipal, The Vikas Concept School
Ms. Jaya Rajappan Principal, Kendriya Vidyalaya
Ms. Sukriti SharmaParent Member
Mr. Marreddy GadeParent Member
Ms. Ratna ReddyParent Member
Ms. Kausar LadiwalaTeacher Member
Ms. Suneela DasariTeacher Member
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